The Future of Delivery Robots

The Future of Delivery Robots

Details of The Future of Delivery Robots

Delivery robots, which a few years ago were just science fiction, are now a reality and are quickly entering many of our daily lives. In my own Milton Keynes, England, I frequently run into five or six of them when I go for an evening jog.

These specific ones are the property of Starship, a business that only three years ago launched its first autonomous delivery bots and currently runs a fleet of over a thousand across numerous places in the UK, the USA, and very soon in continental Europe as well.

The Future Of Robotic Delivery
Alastair Westgarth, their CEO, told me that his robots had made 2 million deliveries while traveling a total of 3.6 million kilometers. They are continually learning thanks to machine learning algorithms, which makes them safer and more effective.

The vast majority of these journeys are completed entirely autonomously, but human operators are always available to take over if necessary. Safety is always our top priority, therefore if a robot finds something strange, it will stop and issue a warning to our remote controllers, Westgarth informed me.