Frequently Asked Questions for USBD TECH SDN BHD

What is Malaysian AI and Robotics?
Our remarkably human-like robots serve as platforms for Malaysian Robotics’ AI and robotics research in the areas of education, healthcare, sales, and entertainment applications. In time, our robots will come to understand and care about humans through cultivating meaningful relationships with the people whose lives they touch.

What are the commercial applications of Malaysian Robotics?
Malaysian AI and Robotics is committed to radically disrupting the consumer and commercial robotics market with humans-scale and consumer robots that include verbal and nonverbal interactivity through high-quality, human-like expressions. Malaysian AI and Robotics entertain, educate, and enrich the lives of consumers while serving businesses in a broad variety of commercial applications. From research and academics uses to B2B service robotics applications, to entertainment and education, our robots can be used in a variety of use cases. Their engaging expressiveness and conversational abilities, combined with empathetic AI, empower the robots to be likable, perceptive, and trusted companions for the humans whose lives they touch.

Where does Malaysian AI and Robotics focus its research efforts?
Malaysian AI and Robotics world-class team are continuously working on AI research and development, robotics engineering, experiential design, and material science. Please visit our Research page for our published papers, sales and lab test the Robotics and AI solutions

How many robots does Malaysian AI and Robotics have?
Spanning one and half decades, we have developed, tested and sales thousands of robots characters.

How do I inquire about open job positions at Hanson Robotics?
Please email us at